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3 years ago

Error loading XSD with " Attempted read from closed stream" SSL 301 redirect

Like many others, I am facing the dreaded "Error loading WSDL" error.


In my case, I know why it is happening, I just don't know how to configure SoapUI to fix it.


The WSDL is at https://somewhere.someplace/service/?wsdl, and it contains references to an XSD at http://somewhere.someplace/service/?xsd=1. The SOAP service is behind an SSL terminator, so the SOAP service generates the XSD links as HTTP, but the SSL terminator redirects all HTTP traffic to HTTPS with a 301 redirect.


SoapUI can't handle those redirects for some reason, so it errors with " Attempted read from closed stream".


I see the "Follow Redirects" property for the requests to an already-configured SOAP service, but I find no "Follow Redirects" property for the "New SOAP Project" or "Add WSDL" action.


How can I configure SoapUI to "Follow Redirects" when processing a WSDL URL?


SoapUI version 5.5.0 and 5.6.0

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    Hey peterguy,

    Someone had virtually identical issue in readyapi forum last week.....theres no easy fix i dont think.

    Essentially you have a couple of options.

    Get the code rebuilt and the associated .wsdl so that the schema references use https rather than http

    Or, download the schema and update the wsdl to embed all the schema content rather than rely on importing the schema content instead.

    Maybe one of the other forum members knows of another option, but thats all the options i could think of!