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6 years ago

Error in parsing CDATA response

Hello, I'm using SOAPUI Open Source tool and fairly new to the tool. After much googling and understanding CDATA parsing, I have finally come to the forum to ask for help.

Actuall call 















Response from above call

I'm trying to extract guest_no tag that is inside CDATA which is inside rInvokeResult tags. I then want to use the value of guest_no in subsequent call. So, I tried using Property Transfer by first, extracting the value from CDATA and then transfering to other test step/call but so far I'm getting following error.


If I use //ns1:rInvokeRespone[1]/ns1:rInvokeResult[1] then I get everything.


I'll really appreicate your help or guidance. Thanks.

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      Thank you NMRao. 

      I did reach out to the team and format is not real XML. However, as suggested, when I added <root></root> after removing 'OK:' to the response, I was able to get just the guest_no. I'll look into some of your script on if any node can be added to the response or not. 

      Your scripts and reply helped.


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        Hmm..the response should be a valid xml (standard).

        Appreciate if you can mark the previous reply if it solved.