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7 years ago

each parameter value need to change in new rest request

Hi ,

I am using soapui 5.3.1 open source tool where in rest request i am sending 5-7 parameters value.

so i want to test each parameter by giving different values using method BVS etc..

so how i will do that because every time adding new rest request for each parameter its difficult job.

so can you please suggest the best and easy way to do that.


E.g.  Request



so here in parameter i want to test with giving different value 


case 1 :  TestReportId:1546

case 2:  TestReportId: abdc

case 3 : TestReportId: 15.20

case 4 : TestReportId : 154685


so every time adding new request is difficult

so please guide me .





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