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4 years ago

Does Soapui cache target DNS ?

I am trying to Load test Java service from soapui. Everytime i trigger the test i can see all transactions going one server.

Our setup has three servers in primary mode with LB configured to follow Round Robin method. Now i am trying to figure out if soapui can cache target DNS and way to clear the cache.

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    Hey User91994 


    Id look at another reason beyond SoapUI for a reason your balancing isnt following expected behaviour.


    SoapUI only caches at projectlevel and this is just the caching of wsdls, wadls, openAPI/swagger files. 


    How are  your endpoints redundancy handled in your balanced architecture?  if your wsdl, wadl, openapi/swagger files have single endpoints defined, then surely this would bypass any load balancing and your single endpoint would receive all the hits rather than a percentage, right?  Or am I missing something?