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10 years ago

Does SOAPUI 5 support connection through SOCKS?



We have some developers who are trying to run to test case (HTTP request) from their Win7 PC to a server on another network through a SOCKS connection (OpenText SOCKS client installed).

We can telnet to the server on port 80, and access the server URL in a browser, but when we run test case in SOAPUI it fails with "Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)" and "Your requested host xxx could not be resolved by DNS".

Looking at Wireshark log and SOCKS client log it could look like SOAPUI doesn't send the initial connection request with DNS name to the OS, but that SOAPUI tries to resolve the DNS itself.

We have tried changing the proxy settings in SOAPUI to no avail (auto, manual and disabled).

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  • I realise this is an old post but I have found the solution.


    Navigate to “C:\Program Files\SmartBear\soapUI-x.x.x\bin” and edit the file soapUI-x.x.x.vmoptions

    Add the following line:


    This is due to Java 64 bit using IPv6 and I think OpenText SOCKS Client has an issue with it.


    I also had an issue with Oracle SQL Developer and the same VM option fixes it, this issue appears to be for all Java 64 bit applications.