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10 years ago

Do any SOAPUI tools (free or paid) support HAR format?

Hi, I just learned about a cool format for capturing and saving http traffic that was captured using HttpMonitor tools (like Fiddler, Charles or Chrome/Firefox Dev tools ).

It's called *HAR* format (http archive recording), and when loaded into a HAR-enabled tool, you can replay your entire web session for troubleshooting, analysis or reporting.

The recording is a sequence of JSON objects describing headers, metadata and payload of requests and headers + status code for responses.

headers returned by the server (response body can be captured if you add extra steps).

Does SOAPUI have any kind of feature that would enable me to import a HAR file and convert it into soapui test steps?
This would be great productivity booster.

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  • Hello,

    No, this format is currently not supported in SoapUI (pro or open source). It does sound like a cool idea so I have opened an internal feature request of SOAP-2723 for this. Thanks for posting!
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       Is this an internal tracker?  I'm having a hard time finding the issue tracker here to see the status of this request.

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        Of course, that was only internal to SmartBear. You wanted to find if this is available in latest builds? Probably MarcusJ will be able to help you know about it.