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8 years ago

deploy as war

I'm using SoapUI 5.2.1 to deploy several mocks as war files.  Everything seems ok generating the war files and the UI bits but when I browse to the mock I see three empty panes.  Ideas?




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    May be a screen would help to imagine the problem better.
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      There were a couple of things that weren't quite clear that I figured out.


      Here are the parameters I used:


      Include Global Settings: TRUE

                        WebUI: TRUE

         MockService Endpoint: http://somewhere:8443/mockRealName

                     War File: C:\Temp\Deploy\RealName.war

                War Directory: C:\Temp\Deploy\RealName


      1. The URL for the WebUI is a combination of the war file name and the endpoint.
        1. http://somewhere:8443/RealName/mockRealName
      2. The URL for the service being mocked is a combination of the war file name, the endpoint, and the Path in the MockService's properties.
        1. http://somewhere:8443/RealName/mockRealNameBinding
      3. The content of the "War Directory" is unused.  It seems one really only needs to define either the war file or the war directory.
      4. The "Include Global Settings" option  had to be true because the default settings supplied in the war file are not the same settings one gets by default when the SoapUI is installed.  I had not changed any of the settings, but the "Enable Mock HTTP Log" option must be false.


      Thanks anyway.