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8 years ago

Customization - Drop down / ComboBox for Property Value



Looking for a way to customize a property (can be applicable at test step / test case / test suite / project level) value type to be a ComboBox.


To give you an example, need something like this:


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  • How to open this tab? As I know, if you want to change the value from this kind of Drop Down/ComboBox, you need to change it in source code. It is swing. 

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      Of course, source change is indeed required. Possibly by extending the source and willing to do. I do know that it is swing.

      My understanding is that, SoapUI seemed to have different behavior for Property value based on the Type of a Property or its name or meeting upon certain condition i.e.,

      • If property name is password, the value is masked.
      • And as shown in the above given example, value type is a drop down.


      Am interested in showing a property value to be drop down because, there are only certain valid value allowed. And there is a possibility to input the value incorrect and don't wish end user to make typos

      Thank you for your time. Please post if you have more info or thoughts around it to implement it.