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6 years ago

Could not find web browser

Hello guys,


Only just found out about your software this morning, so dowloaded the open source version. I've played with lots of buttons gizmos and gadgets and they all lead to a "Java.lang Exception Could not find web browser", even the welcome page!  Now i'm not an expert but i'm pretty sure i've got a web browser, nowhere in the myriad of buttons, gizmos and gadgets could I find an option to set web browser. This is very inconvenient for me as I am currently plotting world domination and this little problem has put my grand scheme on the back burner. If the reply is RTFM I've already scanned through it and can find nothing to help me. Oh and what is the name of the folder for the tutorials cos I forgot where I put it during installation?


Kind Regards,





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    still can't find the browser, cmon guys, throw the dog a bone!!

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      ludo1960I have good news for you and your world domination plot. Even though I can't imagine that you're still looking for a solution in 2024, maybe other people are.

       The problem for me on Ubuntu was, that I had not installed any of these browsers that it is looking for. What SOAPUI does is, that it executes the bash command:

      which firefox

      And it does that with every other of the browsers of this String array: 

      Here is the Github Link

      So on linux you can fix the issue if you have one of these browsers installed and you are able to find it via the bash command "which" :)

      Hope the domination plans can now continue in full throttle.

      Think of me, when you reach your goal!