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2 years ago

Consuming a .NET WCF Web Service with WS-Security enabled

I am trying to consume a .NET WCF web service that uses x509 certificates for authentication (signing and encryption) with the ultimate goal of calling the service from Java using Axis2. I did not write the WCF web service and I can't commission any changes to it. The authors of the web service have been very cooperative and patient with me trying to answer my questions, but they only speak Windows.


I am using SoapUI to figure out where all the knobs and dials should be set. I am getting nowhere. Google and Stack Overflow have a few examples for .NET clients consuming Axis2 web services with WS-Security enabled, but nothing going the other way. The authors of the web service have given me a .NET app that can successfully consume the WCF web service, but it does not translate to Axis2 Java.


Are there any experts out there who understand .NET WS-Security and Axis2 that can help me read the matrix? What information should I provide to help someone answer my questions?

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