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11 months ago

Connecting TO DB using Groovy Script

Using groovy script in SOAP UI, I was able to connect to the DB previously

You can find the code I used before as below:


import groovy.sql.Sql

String url = 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:1521/servername'
String user = 'username'
String password = 'password'
sql = Sql.newInstance( url, user, password, 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver')


This was working fine. Later client has added some certificates for validations for the DB and port also getting changed from 1521 to 1523. later then I was unable to connect to DB from SOAP UI using groovy.

I can still connect to the DB using DBeaver or SQL developer applications, by using the oracle client as InstantClient and inside which we have placed the certificates from client in Wallet. And driver we used previously in DBeaver is Oracle thin, but now we have to create a new driver Oracle OCI.

But it will be more helpful for us if it works in SOAP Ui as we have automated the steps in SOAP UI.


Can we have any way to use the certificate path in Groovy script to validate the certificates from path and also defining new driver Oracle OCI.


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