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3 years ago

Concurrency Testing with Varied Inputs

Hi Team,


Is it possible to run the Concurrency test with varied inputs with SOAP UI ? I have created a Simple Test (Groovy Script Calling a SOAP Request) i want this test to be run with different test of inputs in concurrency with a single user is this possible with SOAP UI ? Can you share some references for this ?




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    Hey chaitanya509,

    You kinda lost me when you mentioned concurrency with a single user.

    For performance related testing:

    Pacing achieves 'load'
    Think time.achieves 'concurrency'

    But ive only ever come across the concept of concurrency with >1 virtual user.

    Can you just expand your description to clarify? This will help people understand your issue.


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      As with richie , you lost me with "concurrency with a single use".


      With concurrency, you're describing a load test where by multiple virtual users run some same test at the same time to see how the API under test performs under load.  I tend to use JMeter for load tests (sorry SmartBear).  I've used SoapUI load tests in the past, but they didn't have the flexibility I needed.  I have not tried Load Testing in Ready API as I don't have the license, so I cannot comment.


      Taking concurrency out of the question, I'd interpret this as...."I have a really good test, but I want to run it many times but pass in different values to the web request each time.  I do not want to copy this test 100 hundred times with a different value.  For example, searching for customers, I want to use the same test but pass in a different customer each time from a list.".  If this is the case, and I suspect it is, then you are asking about Functional Tests (aka Data-Driven Tests).  See Link.  I've mentioned this before, but this IMHO is the standout feature of ReadyAPI.


      However, this functionality is only exposed to Pro or licensed users.  This functionality is hidden in the Open Source version.  But you can achieve the same using Groovy scripts.  There have been solutions for this on this forum as well as StackOverflow.


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        Thanks richie , ChrisAdams 


        My Bad, I mean i want a setup that should test the Web service with a user with a unique set of data in concurrency,

        for instance below is the example 

        USER1  ---> DATA1

        USER2  ---> DATA2

        USER3  ---> DATA3

        USER4  ---> DATA4

        USER5  ---> DATA5




        USERN  ---> DATAN


        Is this possible with SOAP UI free version ?