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7 years ago

Combine a mock service with an app server in a deployable tool?

Hi, I have a scenario where I want to create a mock service and then turn this into a deployable tool that a non-developer can put on whatever server they like and simply 'install' it and start firing requests at it, without needing any pre-requisite software such as Tomcat on that server (a pre-req JRE would be fine though).


I'm wondering therefore if you can configure a mock service which simulates different web service operations (e.g. createAccount, makePayment), including responding with different canned responses depending on attributes in the request, and then package that up into what is essentially an executable which can be installed into a JVM for example. I'm sort of thinking the application would embed some sort of lightweight app server within which the mock service is hosted.


Is that possible, or do you always have to install Tomcat separately before you can deploy the mock service as a WAR?







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