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7 years ago

Certificate is working in global setting but not in keystore



I'm testing with certificates. I have multiple .pfx files to test with multiple users so I want to use the keystore as I can configure multiple certificates there.

This is not working. I have the certificates in the keystore on the project level and they are OK. I have the certificate I want to test with in my request SSL keystore property. Sending the request results in a 403 error from the webservice.

The strange thing is that when I set the exact same certificate in the SSL settings in the preferences it works! I get an ok response from the service.

Additionally this is the situation when using a proxy server (which I need on my network). When I approach the service from outside my network and not using the proxy both the keystore and the global setting approach work.

Testing outside my network is a real hassle and not preferable. I want to test with the keystore from my network.

Has anyone any clue on how to resolve this?

I can't understand why setting the global setting works and the kestore approach doesn't.



working with SoapUI 5.3.0

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