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6 years ago

Can`t find Script library option in SoapUI


In what way I can set Script Library destination in other way than is given in this doc?

There is written: 

Now let's setup SoapUI to load up your Groovy library. Set File > Preferences > SoapUI tab > Script Library.

So we would set that to "C:\GroovyLib" in our example.

But under the preferences i can`t fint any from given above.

SoapUi 5.4.0

Thanks in advance :)

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    That is for Pro edition, not for Open source edition.

    What is your use case?
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      I just want to use rest test as a step, and change its body parameters in each step it executes.

      in other words:

      I would like to make some post rest methods that can save something. And after each save I want to change its body params, just like that :)

      So when I will fire load tests for example 10 executions I would like to have 10 shots to same rest endpoint but with differend param values