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7 years ago

Can't add JMS endpoint using Tibco EMS server

Hello there I stumble with this problem that seems to be an old bug. I'm running both SoapUI 5.4 and 5.2.1 with HermesJMS 1.4 with a EMS provider (which it is running fine) and the EMS version in 8.0 . When I try to create a JMS endpoint using a JMSBinding wsdl that I found inside soapui's source, I pointed to the hermes-config.xml folder and yet the sessions dropdown is empty. in the 5.2.1 version It doesn't point to any error if I press ok in the jms endpoint window. If I do that in the version 5.4 I get a Naming error in the HermesContext Why is this still an issue? I saw an open question with the same problem from 2011 here