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8 years ago

Automatic generated Test based on WSDL and XLS

Hi everyone,


I am new to SoapUI and got asked to have a look if we can script with groovy, apache POI automatic created Test Projects, cases and tests based on the provided WSDL and XLS files. Basically I like to understand which object dependencies exists and our approach will work.


Given the fact that all properties are optional (close to 99%) and we have a large number of requests, we would like to get the request xml from the requests provided in the WSDL. Once we have this information we will compare it to the provide data from the excel sheet. The result or better the matching nodes will be stored in temporary properties and used to run the test.

I had a look to the API and found RequestXmlDocument class. Is this the correct class to use for getting and setting the request XML. So far I had a look to the objects / interfaces needed in the super constructors.


RequestXmlDocument, WsdlRequest, WsdlRequestConfig, WsdlOperation, OperationConfig, WsdlInterface, WsdlInterfaceConfig, WsdlProject.


Is there documentation for object model and required object for this approach?


Best Simon

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