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8 years ago

Automate REST api using TC

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  1. In SoapUI, Do I need to generate my TestSuite at the end of my work? or I can generate one and just work in that area?
  2. As I understood, I could verify all my testcases in SoapUI using assertions but in the automated way of it, how do I verify that the test case passed ?
  3. As I understood, once I created my whole testsuite, there would be .XML file of my project that I need to integrate with TC. I was able to create a ReadyAPI object in TC, but I don't understand where or how to check if the test case is valid. Should I verify that in SoapUI or in TC or both ?
  4. Basically in my automation, I need to verify my test cases 1 by 1, how do I do that in SoapUI ? example: I have 4 testcases for POST, but I need to verify them 1 by 1 because my code in TC would also verify the other end of the software against the POST and check if it really posted something, if yes then my test is a PASS.


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    I also dont see a way to use my basic auth credentials in a global place. I need to set this one up on each request :( . Is there a way to set it Globally under preferences ? if so, how do I call it ?