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8 years ago

always get connection refused from



I am always getting a connection refused error when trying to hook up with the French customs web service as indicated above. The service itself is not at an https address but a simple http which I find odd (Disclaimer: I am just starting to explore web services so that is probably normal for anyone else except me). I have followed the tutorial  ( for the basic SoapUI setup and supplied the user name/password and the other mandatory information when calling the service (note that the service definition marks all xml elements as optional which is not right following the attached document; at least a user name "ltIdentifiant", password "ltIdentifiant" and also a date value "ltIdentifiant" is required).


Unfortunately I am stuck on this. Anyone who could give me an advice what to check out ? The ssl settings are there in SoapUI for the mock service with the key store and everything but to no avail.


Regards and thanks in advance.



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