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9 months ago

alphabetical order for projects

how can i put my projects in alphabetical order? is there a way to copy in one project and paste in another?

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    You can drag a project to change the order in the workspace of the tool.


    Not sure what you mean by the other question.Please clarify.

    Do you want to copy certain test cases from one project to another? In that case, both projects should have the interfaces / services defined in both the projects.

    By the way, if you want another copy of the same project, you can copy the project xml file or you can do "save as" into different project as well.

  • To arrange your projects alphabetically, you can create a new folder or document on your computer and copy-paste the project names there. Then, manually reorder them as needed. Just as you organize projects, planning during "School Holidays" involves sorting activities and tasks for a smooth, well-structured break.