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8 years ago

After cloning the test suite, how do I change the URL in SoapUI


  1. Using SoapUI version 5.2.1
  2. We are having 3 services(Service1(Database), Service2(AD) and Service3(LDAP)), All this services have same contracts(Close to 10) but connecting to different database in background based on type of URL requested.





  1. Developed Test Suite for Service1, want to clone it for Service2 and Service3. Also want to use, same scripts for different environments(QA, UAT and Production).  
  2. Successfully cloned Test Suite from Service1 for 10 contracts to Service2 and Service3.  


  1. Not able to change URL cloned test suites for Service2 and Service3 to Service2/Contract Name and Service3/Contract Name.
  2. Not able to change URL for Service1 to point to different environments(QA, UAT and Production).


  1. It will be great help if you can help us in resolving above two challenges at Test Suite, Test Case and Test Step Levels.

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