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6 months ago

Adding a property variable in Access Token field returns invalid token.


i'm using Soapui open source version 5.7.2

  1. I have a TestSuite1 with TestCase1  with a Request1 called login.
  2. After login i have a property transfer which retrieve the token and store it in a testsuite property called "test".
  3. I have a TestSuite2 with a TestCase2 with a Request2 called get_information, this request need the login token obtained in Resquest1 from the testsuite property "test"

 in Request2 set an Authorization Bearer with Acces Token,

in the Access Token field i wrote $(#TestSuite#test)

When i run TestSuite1 the login token is transferred in $(#TestSuite#test) 

When i run TestSuite2 the Request2 it returns 401 error : Token is invalid or expired

If i run replace $(#TestSuite#test)  the token value directly in Access Token field then the test is passed.


Why the Request2 returns error when im using the $(#Project#token) in Access Token field ?

I need to use the token in all request and the token is changing every minute.

Any help please?

Thank you 

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