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7 years ago

Why is browser not visible when I am running selenium script from QA Complete Tool ?

Hi Team,


QA Complete tool is installed in Server. I am accessing QAC from client machine and I have executed selenium script from QA Complete tool. Script is running successfully but I am unable to see the browser live execution.  Can you please let me know how to enable browser visible setting in QA Complete Tool ?


I am able to the see the browser live execution without using QA Complete tool.   




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    What Test Host is specified in the QAC automated Selenium test settings? If it is a different machine than the computer where you have QAComplete UI opened, then it is expected that you don't see the test live execution: it just happens on a different PC.

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      Thanks for your reply


      • I have configured client host name in QAC Test Host settings and I am executing selenium script from client machine.
      • QAC is installed in Server but Server host name is not displayed in Test Host settings when I am configured Test Host settings in client because both machines are same network. Multiple machine is available in same network but it is displayed only current machine host name which is opened from QAC Tool. Why is all the machine host name not displayed in QAC Test Host settings ?