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7 years ago

When creating test set and copy Test cases, QAC attach doc, how do I undo the auto attach?

So my colleague want to create a new Test Set and then copy previous test cases. Then somehow QAComplete attach document which is not relevant for the Test Set, is there any possibility to remove that function? Or is there any reason why it automatically attach the document?

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  • Hi Sükrü,

    Thank you for your post. When you create a Test Set and the Tests you are adding have attachments, those attachments will show under your Tests in your Test Set.

    If you say a Test Set was created and Tests were added, but the Test Set received an attached document, if that is the case, please email me ( a full browser screenshot of the Test Sets "History" tab, so I can look at it.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

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    Hi su01,


    Thank you for your post! 
    I cannot reproduce the issue on my side, can you please provide the detailed steps to reproduce the issue and screenshots?