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14 years ago

What is in my InBox?

The Home tab in SoftwarePlanner has an InBox. Where is this feature described? I did not see it in the User's Guide.

I am looking for a way to view what is "on my plate" - all items assigned to me in order of priority.

Before implementing filters to customize it, I was hoping to find a description of what exactly it is.



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  • Hi Ken -

    The InBox is very simply a list of all items either assigned to or owned by you - tasks, test cases, defects, requirements - so you can devise whatever filters you need. It's gotta be in the documentation someplace, but you're right, I couldn't find it either. It's off to the Documentation Team with that one!

    In the latest version, you will also see My Task Board in Project Management. This is a list of Project Plan Tasks assigned to you.

    Hope that helps -