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7 years ago

How can I access an inbox and select the most recent email so that I can click on a link within

Hi, any help much appreciated. As part of testing, I send an email to a customer, that customer will click a link and enter a unique code contained within the email to complete registration to our service. 


In Ready API I need to be able to access the email, click on the link (contained in gmail) and enter the code


Could someone please advise on how to add this as a step in my test suite



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    there is a 'send email' test step in the pro version. Ive never used this step myself but I'd start looking at using this step and see how it goes. as i say...ive never used this myself and someone else on the forum may have a better idea how to do what you want.
    i will have to do something similar in a project i'll be working on in the coming months so im definitely interested to see if this is feasible.


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      Hi Richie, The send email is exactly that, simply sends an email. I have already received the email my service generates and as such need to access it and click a link from within the body of the email. I'm using Gmail and while there is an API and a guide, as usual its overcomplicated and not detailed in a step by step set up manner, unfortunatley

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        You might be able to leverage using a Selenium driver and a groovy script together. I've seen other posts here on the forums about that for testing websites. Other than that, this isn't native functionality of ReadyAPI/SoapUI. You would have to either include a manual test step describing what to do, or look up other posts about using Selenium in groovy. 

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    You will have to use selenium element to achieve this. There is a lot of support online for this so it's not too difficult.