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14 years ago

Trial Software Question

I downloaded the QAComplete trial software earlier this month.  As a way of getting used to the interface, I added 48 test cases in the Test Library over the course of a couple of weeks.

After reading more about ALMComplete, I thought this might be a better fit for our needs, so I signed up for that trial using the same email address as I did for QAComplete.

When I logged in, I was presented with a page that gave me the choice of logging into ALMComplete or QAComplete, which I thought was really cool.  I clicked on ALMComplete and navigated around to see the additional services.  I figured out that I could import my test cases from QAComplete into ALMComplete through Setup->Import Wizard, but first I had to export my test case data into a csv file through Test Cases->Actions in QAComplete.

I logged out of ALMComplete and into QAComplete, and to my horror, all my test cases were gone, replaced by the 16 sample test cases that came with the trial.  I'm guessing it was because I used the same login ID.

Am I completely hosed?  Is there any way for me to retrieve the work I did in the last two weeks?  Thanks.


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  • Hi Shari,

    No, you're not hosed :)

    Your QAComplete Account has two Projects. One of them has 48 Test Cases in it, the other one has the sample data. After you log into QAComplete, look for the project selection on the left side above the navigation form. You can switch between the projects and see where your data resides.

    Hope this helps!
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    Yes!  It took me a little while to figure out where you meant by Project Selection (still getting used to the interface), but once I selected the other project, I could see all 48 of my test cases.  You're aces!  Thanks!