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14 years ago

Tracking design

Hello all,

I actually have a colleague that wants to use this tool for more than testing - YAY!  So I've been working with him to figure out the best solution for him to organize his information.  He's interested in not only tracking requirements but design as well.  My first inclination was to just create a "Design" folder under Requirements, and then link these design requirements to functional requirements.  I also have been toying with the idea of tracking desing in the Project Management area. I want him to be able to easily track his progress..  thoughts? 

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  • Hi Kary -

    I kinda' like the idea of Project Management for tracking the design process. That gives you the best tracking information.

    Design could either be a separate Project Plan or a set of sub-tasks on a Project Plan.  If you need detailed Requirements, too, you can build them and link them to the project plan task for tracking time.