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13 years ago

Testsets Issue


I added 10 testcases from Test Library to Testsets. I started the execution using Test Runner. While executing 5th testcase, I found that I need to modify the 5th test case. So, I stopped the execution.

I went to Test Library and modified the test case. Again, I started the executiuon. But, the modification is not shown in the Testset.

Thus, we deleted the testcase from the testset and added again. But, even after adding the testcase, ALM showed the older version of the test case. So, we deleted the testcase and started executing with 9 test cases in the testset.

But, in the test runner, I could see all 10  testcases. We are not sure, how to proceed furthur.

How to handle this situation?


Ananthi Ramachandran.

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  • Hi Ananthi -

    When you start a Test Run, the runner takes a 'snapshot' of the test and steps as they are defined at that point in time. This is to track the history of the run accurately: you'll know exactly what that Test looked like when you submitted the run for that Release, Configuration and on that date.

    If you need to edit a test on the fly, you can edit steps during the run (this is controlled by a security permission).

    When you change a step during the run, you 'll be asked if you want to update the Test Library with the change, or only store the change for the current run.

    After you complete the run - or if you run the same test set with a different Release and/or configuration - it will pull the current state of the Test from the Test Library, and once again store it as a 'snapshot' for historical purposes.

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    Hi Barbara,

    I tried to edit the test case on the fly. But ALM didnot asked me for the options. Either to save for the particular run or in the test library. If ALM given me the option already, I might have not asked this question already.

    Please help me to resolve this issue. I am using IE.
  • We are using QAComplete 9.7 and we have the same problems you mentionned:

    1- During execution, if we edit the steps of a test, the popup message asking if we want to update the library does NOT show if we press "End Run". But it will show if we press "Next Test".

    2- After editing steps during a run, and pressing Next Test, then YES to update the library with our changes, if we run again the same Test Set with the same release and configuration, the new edited steps are not there.

    If I understand Barbara's answer correctly, it means that if we press the Run button, modify test steps and update library, every subsequent times we press Run on this test set and choose this same configuration and release, a snapshot is taken and I will NEVER see my new test steps ? If so, I find the funcionality of editing steps during run useless, and unpredictable. Furthermore, this makes the test set NOT re-usable. That is too bad.