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12 years ago

Test Set Collaboration Between Multiple Testers

In our group, divide up a specific test set, and assign a portion to several testers.  For example, instead of one tester addressing sixty test cases, we would have three testers addressing twenty test cases each.

Our problem, is that ALM Complete does not seem to allow for this type of collaborative testing, as each tester see's only a 'local' view of the statuses for all test cases om the test set.  For example, if each of the three testers has completed ten test cases each, each tester would only see the ten test cases they personally completed in their 'view' of the test set.  They would not see the other twenty test cases completed by the other two testers.

Is there a configuration setting, or some other method, which would enable the testers to see test case statuses from the other testers working on the same test set?

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    Reply from the Support Team on 10/04/12:

    When a tester submits a Test Run, the system currently
    takes a snapshot of the Tests in that Set at that point in time. This Test Run
    'belongs' to the current tester. If other testers submit the same Test Set,
    they get their own snapshot and their own run. Currently, one Test Set cannot
    be passed from team member to team member, which - if I understand correctly -
    appears to be your issue.

    However, we are enhancing the Test Runner to allow more flexibility, including
    separate assignees within the run, the ability to run a selection of Tests out
    of the Set, and the ability to re-run only previously Failed Tests. This will
    be available in a future release, so I will add your scenario to our pending

    Thanks for the input, we appreciate it.