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13 years ago

Test Complete Results on QA Complete

Dear All,

i was trying to create a POC for our company on integration of QA Complete and Test Complete Results. I tried to install the bridge and successfullt registered. Also, I did executed one of my script on test complete however the results are not displayed on QA planner.


QA planner i am using is 30 days trial version provided by Smart Bear.

Looking for quick response and ideas how to do it.



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  • Hi Durgesh -

    Make sure you have this: - the user's guide might help. (Ignore anything about agSPEnt)

    Also, you need to use TestComplete's "organize tests" area to run the tests.

    If you are still having difficulty, your 30 trial comes with complete support - just log into QAComplete, click "Help Center" at the top right of the screen, then click "Create Support Ticket". Our support team will need a screen shot of the registration form and any additional details you can think of.

  • Hi,

    I am using full version of TestComplete 8.60 and ALMComplete 9.7.0 (Software Planner). The tests that I had executed from Organize Tests of TestComplete before were getting published in the Software Planner. Now, the tests are not getting published. Automated Testing Bridge is successfully registered. I read a couple of forums regarding log file size that impacts for results/tests being published and that actually SmartBear supports. My question is what could be the best approach to keep these log files manageable and maintainable in order to successfully get results in Software Planner?


  • Hi Sarad -

    If it's a log file size issue, the test will appear in ALMComplete but the log will not be there. The only way I know to reduce the log file size is by turning off the "visualizer" as in the link above.

    But if you are not seeing the tests post to ALMComplete at all, that's a different issue, and the best thing to do would be to click on the Help Center in ALMComplete and submit a ticket to our support team.