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13 years ago

Syncing multiple projects to JIRA

We are looking to connect QAcomplete to JIRA to allow us to synchronise QAComplete bugs with JIRA defects (we don’t yet have QAComplete installed).  We want to  synchronise some but not all of our projects and would like some way of specifying in JIRA which defects we want to sync.

The manual here: says you can specify 'PROJECT=10281’. Is it possible to select more than one project?

We are also a little confused by refeerencces elsewhere on this forum to more than one JIRA integration product. Can you explain. Thanks

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  • Hi Andrew,

    We partner with our OpsHub team for all of our QAComplete integrations. They assist with the installation and can answer any configuraiton questions for you, and you can request info at:

    Regarding other integrations with JIRA: This is the only JIRA integration with QAComplete or ALMComplete. There may be mention of other integrations with our other products.

    Hope this helps!
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    We are considering doing similar i.e. syncing  multiple projects to JIRA's defect tracking tool.

    However we would also like to consider syncing with JIRA's Agile tool to provide the Requirement / Tasks data direct into Smart Bear. Does the JIRA interface currently do this?