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8 years ago

Stuck on "Loading" when open a test case/set

Hi all, 


We just upgraded QAComplete On-Premises to version 11.2, But whenever I try to open a Test Set, it gets stuck on "Loading". Whenever a colleague tries to open a Test Case, it gets stuck on "Loading". But another colleague has not problem of opening Test Set or Test Case.

We have raised this with SmartBear. But if anyone knows a workaround, please kindly help us.


Many thanks in advance.

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      Hi Nastya,


      Thanks for the article. But we thought the Regional settings issue had been fixed in the latest version 11.2.348. What's odd is that one colleague has no such problem, and does not get this Loading/Locking issue at all! But the other co-workers do.


      We all use the same date time and region settings in our organisation. We are in New Zealand. Any suggestions?


      Many thanks in advance. 


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        Hi Lin,


        Currently, QAC requires US Regional Setting set up on the QAC Server. Note that you can set the time zone and location of the server to match your particular environment, but the Regional Settings must be US English.

        It looks like you refer to another fix in 11.2.348. We have a task in our DB to allow installing QAComplete on-premises on a server with other than US Regional Settings, it's not implemented yet.


        If you changed regional settings on the QAC server to US, but still face the issue, please continue working in a corresponding case with our Support Team.


        Customer Care Team