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13 years ago

SettingUp/Activating "Support Ticket" feature


I'm quite new in SmartBear scenario and I'm testing AlmComplete.

I've seen in the "compare" table that AlmComplete does have "Support Ticket" feature, but I don't understand (maybe I'not able to...) how I could activate it, and/or if I need to contact you and/or if this feture has now became an "extension" to be paid.

Please, let me know.

Thanks in Advance


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  • Hello Sergio,

    Our Support Manager is included with ALMComplete. 

    Until recently, it required us to configure it for you, but within the next few weeks we are releasing an update that will allow you to create your own Support Manager through Setup.

    If you've ever submitted a ticket to our Support Team, that's what the Support Manager looks like.
  • OK!

    Good news!

    I'll check the feature as soon as it arrives (hoping inside my trial time)

    Thanks for quick reply (we're noting it as a "plus" of your Company and Service, for sure)

    Best regards
  • Thanks :)

    If you are nearing the end of your trial and haven't seen the function yet, you can check with your sales rep for an extension  (but don't tell anybody I told you so)