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14 years ago

Rename the defects tab?

Not all items raised as defects actually are defects.  we prefer to use the term only for those that are code or documentation defects and use other terms for items that - for instance - end up as new feature requests, etc.

As per my other thread, is there any way that the Defects tab could be renamed?  Either via our end or as a feature request on a new versino of SoftwarePlanner?



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  • Hi Martin,

    Currently the Entity names (such as Defects) are not changeable. The question has come up in the past, so it is a topic of discussion as a possible future enhancement.
  • Add 1 to requester counter...!

    I also think am Item could become "Implementation Request"  or "Defect warning" either at the first insert, either after a check of a manaager.

     In other words, it could be very, very useful to have "Defects" pages and "Implementation Request" pages, and allow to move items from one area into the other.

    Could we start to hope and wait for this issue?