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13 years ago

Releases and defect linking


I've watched the guided tour on defects which covers linking releases to defects and we are hoping to use the idea of linking a defect to the release it was found in and the release it was fixed in using the link types as suggested.

However, when looking at a list of defects linked to a release we don't know if the defects are 'found in' or 'fixed in' that release.

We have tried using the traceability view but but that doesn't indicate the link type.

Is there are way to view the defects in a list for a release and see what the link type is for each item?


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  • Hi Andrew!

    I know when you open a Release or Defect to edit, then scroll down to the bottom where the Links are, you can see the Link As Type. I think the Traceability Report from the Edit form will also give you Link As Type.

    But if you have suggestions for which report or screen is missing the Link As Type, I'd love to know. Could you grab a screen shot of what you are looking at?

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    Attached is an example that hopefully illustrates the point.

    2 defects are reported against the 1.1 release but in the traceability view it doesn't show the link type so its not possible to tell which defects are fixed or found in that release without going in to each defect and scrolling down to the link section (or pressing the 'show linked items' text).

    We are looking for a clear way of seeing what is fixed in a release and what is found in a release in one list.

  • Ah, I see, thanks.

    I'll have to pass that along as an enhancement request. It would be nice to be able to maybe "open up" the number of Releases and see Found In / Fixed In.

    Thanks for the input, we appreciate it!