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10 years ago

QAComplete New User Feedback Requested

I am a potential new user of the QAComplete product.  We currently do not have a centralized test case repository.  We do a good job writing test plans and test cases to cover enterprise-wide testing as well as unit testing, but the process to account for coverage, results and risk is currently a manual process.

I am requesting your feedback on your experience using the QAComplete product.

How has the product enhanced your test case management?  Can you respond on any performance gains in the management/execution of your test cases since you implemented the product?

How has the SmartBear product support been with your implementation and ongoing support of the product?

I greatly appreciate your feedback and communication.

Thank you,

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    I would like to answer your question in great detail, but I feel, for professional reasons, I should not do that.  I would, though, strongly encourage you to use the product to build a prototype that includes several releases.  In the process, attempt to answer the following questions:

    1. Can you easily display relevant statistics for the current release AND past releases?

    2. Can you easily answer the question “how many tests are yet to be run for the current release”?

    3. How easily can you create a new report?

    4. Are you pleased with the existing reports?

    5. If a test is run multiple times within one release, how is that reflected in charts and reports?

    6. How easily can you create a new dashboard chart?

    7. Do you need to share assets between projects and if so, are you satisfied with how this is done within QAComplete?

    8. Do you need to share steps among tests and are you satisfied with the ALMComplete solution for this?


    In conclusion, the most important thing is that the product works for your company’s needs and I feel that only by creating a good prototype, will you understand how the system works.