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14 years ago

Problem in SetUp - "Project not set up"... but I'setting it up!


 In a new project I've to define in AlmCompelte, aftere giving it a name and assign a few users, I try to modify Status names (= localize them in Italian language)  for Contact management. After that, I click on "submit" and I get this message:

This project (60869) is not set up; therefore, project options can not be assigned.

In the attachment I show the snapshot of the screen.

Any Idea?


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  • Hi Sergio -

    I'm not quite sure what's going on, but we are not fully unicode compliant yet. I wonder if something in the special characters on the Italian keyboard might be causing some weird error message.

    I'd like our support team to take a look - would you mind posting a support ticket when you have a chance?

    Here's a link directly to the login: