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14 years ago

Note copied to test case that was created from requirement


1. Create a requirement

2. Add a note

3. Create a new test case from the requirement

EXPECT: Test case is create without a note

ACTUAL: Note from requirement is duplicated on new test case and cannot be removed until have the test case is created.

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    Hi Ken,

    You are right, the note is created without allowing you to clear it out before it gets added to the new record.  This is working as designed (though not necessarily working as required), but we do have an item in our product backlog to enhance this functionality to give you more control when creating a record based on another.  For now, you can go to Notes and manually delete anything you do not want.

    Happy New Year!
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    Thanks for your reply. When I first saw it I was curious to see an edit button next to it. I, of course, as a software tester, just had to find out what it did. I found it did indeed allow me to edit your response. I had to restrain myself to only add the bit about the feature not working as required. A co-worker suggested that I change your stand to be that you would quit if you did not see the behaviour I desired in the very next release :)

    Anyway, I will look forward to such a release when I won't cringe at the thought of having to delete notes on a dozen test cases I create off a requirement.


    PS - I am also able to edit my latest post. Perhaps you are, too. If so, please be gentle :)