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7 years ago

Not able to execute individual Class or @Test from QA complete (testng-selenium)



I am having TestNG selenium// Maven setup which I have integrated with QA complete.


As I setup a automation run with maven project checkbox as checked, it works fine and executed all classes in Maven project successfully. I want to run the individual class or @Test i.e. 1:1 with TC in QA complete but its not working.


As shown in below screenshot, I am select correct TestNG agent, defining TestClass name which is there in attached filename .zip but execution got failed always.




Can anyone please reply, how exactly I can execute 1 class or @Test from QA complete?




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    I recommend that you double check the Test Agent Advanced settings on the host computer. Please be absolutely sure that you followed the instructions from the 'Configuring Test Agent to Run Tests with Different Testing Frameworks' section of the Configuring the Test Agent help topic.


    If everything seems to be configured fine, but you are still facing the problem, please create a new support case. We'll look deeper into the problem you face along with our product team.