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12 years ago

Marking cases as "No longer Valid" during Testing

While running a test set it is possible that we could learn of a requirements change that makes the case invalid. This case is currently sitting within the test set as "Awaiting Run", but then we don't have a way to identify that it is no longer a valid case. If we just pass it, thats not really accurate, and neither is blocking it. You can set the status at the test case level so that we know in the future not to include it in test sets, but is there a way to pick a status other than "pass or fail" during the run that would allow us to identify these "No longer valid" scenarios?

We would also like a way to get pass rate percentages for a project based on how many cases have passed out of the total amount of cases and any of the cases with this "no longer valid" status would not be included in those totals.

This is probably an enhancement request, but it would be really helpful for us and our reporting to get a feature like this.
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