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7 years ago

LDAPs (active directory) Authentication question.

We use QAComplete (the enterprise edition).

How is the LDAP authentication call made. Is it at application level, IIS server level or DB server level?


Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Karen,


    Thank you for your post. When you use the Active Directory authentication:

    1. A user enters their email and password in the logon screen.

    2. Our application queries the DB for a record with the same email address.

    3. If a record is found, our application uses the Lookup User account to query Active Directory and compare the ADSearchValue data for the user with the QueryAttribute of the account in Active Directory.

    4. If an account is found in Active Directory, our application passes login info to Active Directory.

    5. If the password entered matches the AD account password, the user is allowed to logon.


    So, it is at the application and DB levels.


    I'm just curious, why do you need this info?