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14 years ago

Key-Field in User list

It could be useful for a user to be allowed to set a field, among those defined in a user-list, as "Key-Field": in other words a field that could contain only "UNIQUE" values among records, and any attempt to insert a second item with the same value in a key-field should be rejected by AlmComplete itself.

... nice tro have


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  • Hi Sergio,

    I think I'm a little confused on this one. What sort of key value are you looking for?  It would be cool to have a field that would auto-increment for you and I'm pretty sure that's on the enhancement list - a custom field that would be numeric, and just auto-increment so you'd have a unique value. Is that sort of what you are looking for?

  • Hi Barbara!

     I was talking about a UNIQUE value for that field.

     I did not think about a "counter", or auto-increment, or about a field set by AlmComplete in any way.

     My proposal tries to describe just a field that cannot have the same value (either numeric or alphanumeric) in two or more "records"/"rows", and that in case the user "submits" a new record with a "unique" field with a non-allowed value (duplicated one) then AlmComplete should stop the submit action with a msg (maybe like "duplicate value on field xxxx is not allowed").

     Regards (and thanks for support and quick replies)