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12 years ago

Is it possible to create 'Dummy' Users, for record keeping sake?


I'm currently looking to integrate the SmartBear QACompete system into my Company's Oracle E-Business Suite development.

I will be the only person using the QAComplete system (and would therefore prefer getting a Node-Locked Licence, rather than a Floating Licence if possible) but as I will be coordinating our BA's testing loads, it would be of great assistance for me to be able to create 'Dummy User Accounts', accounts I can assign responsibilities to and delegate tasks to said people, without allowing them access to the system(i.e.: ideally, I should be able to search all tasks being overseen by 'Justin, BA', or 'Karen, BA', but not allow these people access to the system).

Any advice or assistance on the creation of these Dummy Accounts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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