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13 years ago

Import/Export Data Issue


Problems faced when I try to import data.

We use < > to indicate the variables. For example, enter the <username>.

While importing, ALM takes only "enter the ". <username> is missed out.

The same issue is faced, when we use the {}.

Problems faced when I export the data.

Under one of the custom fields, I enter the following:-

Description: Enter the value.

1. 1000 in one field.

2. enter the submit button.

Instead of capturing the value in single column in excel, each and every line is entered in a separate row. Because of this issue, we are unable to get the expected data through export.

Please look into both of this issues.

Thanks and Regards,

Ananthi Ramachandran

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  • Hi Ananthi -

    This looks like a good question for our support team.

    In ALMComplete, look at the top right of your screen.

    Click on Help Center, then click on Create Support Ticket. Please attach a copy of the CSV file that you are importing, and also let our support team know what sort of data you are importing into where - having a copy of your CSV file will help with troubleshooting.