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9 years ago

Imported requirements are not showing up. This is an old issue but the solution is not working

I am getting an Import ID so it looks like it is working. I have the following colums:

folder name, title, status, description, business rule, comments


The import wizard appears to work. I see my data and the fields are correctly mapped.


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    I found my imported requirements in the "No Releases" folder. they are no linking to the release that I am running the import from. Is there a way to get them to automatically get them to link to the release automatically? Or do I have to go thru them one by one to link them?



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      This isn't exactly what you are looking for but you could try this method of linking to make your life a little easier.


      In the Requirements tab, create a filter to display all requirements with a particular import ID.


      Go to the Releases tab.  Make sure that your desired release is displayed on the listing display.  For this release, select the Link Items icon.  (This is at the beginning of the line; it is one of the icons in the Actions column.)  You should be on the "Show Releases" page.


      At the top of the display, in the dropdown for "Linkages To:", select Requirements.


      In the right column, select the filter that you just created.  This should display the requirements that you imported.  Drag and drop these requirements to the left.