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6 years ago

how to signup/register for QAcomplete ?

I am new to QAcomplete and need to install the same and try it. When I go to the Saas page and click on cloud version, the redirected page has no signup option.

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      Hello, I have some problems with requesting the demo for QA Complete

      I requested the demo yesterday, but I don't receive any instructions yet. 
      How I can try your product? I really need this.

      TanyaYatskovska, I will very grateful for your reply.

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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        Hi Voropaeva_Kris,


        Thanks for reaching out to me.

        I'll consult with the QAComplete team about this behavior and come back to you.


        BTW, have you checked the spam folder in your email box? Perhaps, the message went there.