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13 years ago

How to get report for the test set when it is executed by multi users


The below mentioned scenario explains the situation better.

1. Create one testset with 6 configurations(For Eg: - IE7,IE8, IE9, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc)

2. Assign the test set to single user (ALMComplete does not support assigning the test set to multiple testers).

3. Based on the configurations setup, 6 testers took one configuration for execution and completed the testing.

4. Through Run History, all 6 configurations with 6 different testers name with test execution status.

Note: In the similar way, I have many testsets with varying testcase count, with varying configurations and testers.

Here comes the question

I want to generate a single report on testsets under particular folder which should give the status of test execution and should let us know the varying testcase count, with varying configurations and testers. How to get it from ALM?

Hope, you get my question clear. :)

Thanks and Regards,

Ananthi R

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  • Hi Ananthi!

    The closest report I can find is the Test Run History by Test Set. Please take a look and let me know if this gets what you want.

    If not, could you maybe make a mock up of what you'd like to see - we can either pass it along as an enhancement request, or if you are interested in a custom report, Professional Services can help us out.