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  • Hi Kary -

    The Task Board was initially released with 9.5.1.  We're adding a few enhancements to it in our upcoming 9.6 release.

    Do you know what release you are on?
  • We are currently running 9.4.2.  We've been waiting for the next major release to upgrade.  Is 9.6 the major release slated for this year or is there going to be another, such as 10?  If it's only 9.6, when can we expect this?  Also, can you please direct me to the release notes link for each version?

    Thanks again.. your support is GREAT!
  • whoops, missed a point:

    Yes, we will have another major release later this year that includes Release Management and Test Management = lots of great stuff in the works. We don't have a hard schedule yet.
  • Thanks for the reply... I do think I'll upgrade to 9.6 (when released) and I'm looking forward to the latter for the new features!!! So On-premises means you're hosting for them?  We are hosting our own..
  • Hi Kary

    That's the opposite: "On-premises" means on your premises - self-hosted - what we used to refer to as an Enterprise install.