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6 years ago

Handling De-scoped requirements in QAComplete

Hi all,

I have a question on handling de-scoped requirements in QA Complete. Say as having one valid requirement in Release V1.0. Later its descoped on V 1.1. For the version 1.0, I imported the requirement and linked to the related testcases.


So, In this case What I need to do ? But I need a trace to confirm the requirements only removed on V1.1. I noticed that QAC Requirement status field only have Active and Closed.


Any Suggestions ?

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    You probably know already, but you can add extra requirement statuses in the Requirements module via Actions/Manage Choice Lists. At least that's how I do it (I'm still running QAC 11.0), not sure if this has changed in later versions of QAC.

    There's a choice list with the status codes which you can extend with for instance "Descoped".


    You can then put the requirement's status to "Descoped" if that's what you want.


    What I typically do is make a comment in the requirement, e.g. "removed as part of V1.1 update" as the rationale of having it changed to Descoped. This could be your trace.


    You just keep the requirement linked to version 1.0 and you don't link it to version 1.1